What is a domain name for website.

Get full guide on what is a domain name and how does it works | Domain name cost | advantages of domain | how to register domain name for your website.
What is a domain name?

Everyone who is a newbie in the blogging field needs to know that ‘what is a domain name for a Website.’

So let's see what is a domain name?

I notice that many bloggers who new to the blogging field, confusing about the domain names, Blogging platforms, blog niche etc. In 'What is a domain name for website' article, we will try to solve all concepts about Domain name, what's a domain name and how domain names work etc.

So let's get started...

Domain Name Definition:

Domain definition:

The particular name that people or organizations register with a domain Provider to claim their own space on the internet known as a domain name.

so let's clear domain meaning in details in the next paragraph.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is the address of your internet website that peoples type in the browser URL bar to easily find out your website in millions of websites.

The domain is the part of a DNS (domain name system) which shows the IP address of the particular website.

The internet is a massive network of computer systems linked to each other through a global network of cables. Due to this, each computer on this network can speak with other computer systems.

So to identify them, each computer is assigned to the different IP address. with this IP address, you can identify a specific computer on the internet.

for e.g: IP address looks like this: 44.934.55.2

It's difficult to remember IP address. Hence Domain names were invented to solve this problem. So now you don't need to put complicated IP address to visit internet pages, you need to type a just easy domain name in the browser.

Your domain name is needed to web hosting providers to publish your website. your domain name can be used as website name or for an email.

The users can find out you with your domain name only. and with help of web hosting, you can live your website on the internet.

Advantages of Registered Domain:

Having an own registered domain for your website has the following benefits.

1.  Makes your Blog or business easier to find peoples on the internet.
2.  Make your own unique brand on the internet. No one can copy your name if you register your domain name with your brand name.
3.  Usually, you get the professional email address with the domain name.

How to Register a Domain name:

Nowadays registering a domain name is become so easy. you can register your domain name through an ICANN  list of domain registrars on the ICANN website. every domain registrars have different domain fees.

TIP: Sometimes you get the free domain name if you purchase hosting from same registrars

Steps of register a domain name.

1.  Choose any domain name registrars: Choose any domain name registrars, must check their policies, past reviews, and terms conditions. 
2.  Check Domain name on availability checker: check your domain name is available or not. ( check on registrar website  )
3.  Fill out Details: Registrar will ask you to fill up some form for WHOIS database.
4.  Pay your domain fees: Pay your domain fees according to your plans. (Monthly, Yearly)
5.  Link your Domain to your website: After successfully purchase, you will get a setting dashboard for your domain name DNS settings etc. you can easily link domain name with your hosting easily.

Cost of a Domain Name:

Nowadays domains are so cheap to buy. Many of domain registrar provide you your first domain in just 1$ (Rs.60-80). On the internet, you will get so many deals and coupons for domain purchase.

basic cost for top-level domains is 1$- 5$ for your first domain. For the next domain, you have to pay between 10$-20$.

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