How to add sitemap in blogger: Sitemap generator for blogger

How to add sitemap in blogger: Sitemap generator for blogger

Don't know "what is sitemap?", "how to create a sitemap for blogger?" and "How to add sitemap in blogger?". then you are landed in right place. In this article, I'm going to answer all your question in this single post.

What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a map of a website's content. Which helps both users and search engines to find content in the site. A sitemap is an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots that the number of post available in the website.

Hope you understand that, "What is sitemap?"

Limitations of Default sitemap in blogger.

In the default sitemap of blogger have the limitation that it only contains the recent 26 blog post link from your blog. that means remaining blog post on your blog will not see in the sitemap. Due to this remaining post will never get index on the google search engine.

Sitemap generator for blogger

Here we are going to see "How To Create Blogger XML sitemap"

Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms on the internet. generating a blogger XML sitemap is a very easy process. You just need to add some text after your website URL. All you need to do is paste the code in the blogger dashboard Custom robots.txt. Just follow my steps carefully.

That's it!

How to add sitemap in blogger :

Steps to Add Sitemap to Blogger Blog.

  • Step 1) Go To Blogger Dashboard.
  • Step 2) Select Settings
  • Step 3) Search Preferences
  • Step 4) Enable Custom robots.txt ( You will See Custom robots.txt is disabled by default)
  • Step 5) Paste the following code in the blank box and save.

User-agent: * Disallow: /search Allow: / Sitemap:

(Note: Change yellow text with your website URL.)

Step by step guide on How to add sitemap in blogger and How To Create Sitemap for blogger.
How to add sitemap in blogger


How to check Sitemap of your blogger blog.

To check sitemap of your blog, just add some text next to your website URL.

For eg.

Change yellow text with your website link or just add /sitemap.xml   next to your website URL. 

Hope you understand about "How to add sitemap in blogger" and "Sitemap generator for blogger"

All you have to do is submit your website sitemap to webmaster tools. so that your website easily crawled in the different search engines.

Final Words:

I hope you like the article on "How to add sitemap in blogger: Sitemap generator for blogger". If you have any problem regarding generating a sitemap for blogger or adding sitemap in blogger. you can comment down below. I will surely help you.

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